Friday, March 17, 2017

No, Don’t by Elena Karina Byrne

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March 17, 2017

No, Don't

Elena Karina Byrne

About This Poem


"'No, Don't,' beginning with a line by Stanley Kunitz, follows an imperative to mismeasure the speaker's askew placement in adult loneliness, if there is such a thing, caused by the double bind of fear and desire (the lion), separate from childhood loneliness. One must give an emotional nod to Philip Levine!"
—Elena Karina Byrne


Elena Karina Byrne is the author of Squander (Omnidawn, 2016). She is the Literary Programs Director for the Ruskin Art Club and lives in Los Angeles.


Photo credit: Mark Savage

Poetry by Byrne



(Omnidawn, 2016)

"Sundown" by Jorie Graham


"The Layers" by Stanley Kunitz


"At the Providence Zoo" by Stephen Burt




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