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*** Important Announcement for the Affirmations Group! ***
(A friendly reminder for group members)
 As of January 1, 2006 there will be major changes to the affirmations group regarding rules, manners, and ettiquette within the affirmations group!!  POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS TO DE-STRESS was originally set up years ago to give support, love, and friendship to people these days in the highly fast-paced and stressful world that we now live in.  There are always deadlines, obligations, and long "to do lists" of things we each need to accomplish on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to keep ourselves healthy, happy, productive, and to bless our family members and friends and community. 
POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS TO DE-STRESS was also originally set up to teach the "how's, why's, where's, and who's" of positive affirmations, positive thinking, positive living, and a positive outlook or response to daily life. This group was intended to give out unconditional love and acceptance to everyone -- which I am a firm believer in.  This group also touches on meditation, ways of breathing better (for calmness, peace and good health). Yoga, tai chi, herbal remedies, different forms of spirituality, are also occasionally touched on in the affirmations group. Another big purpose of the affirmations group is to become more stress-free in daily life. In the past, we have touched on ways of dealing with anxiety and insomnia in this group.
POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS TO DE-STRESS was originally intended to teach people how to work on their self-esteem and self-confidence in order to magnify and be the best a person can be, and in being able to live with ourselves and look ourselves in the mirror face to face and to love what we see.  "To thine own self, be true!"   The affirmations group has tried to reach out to individuals and help them become better people and to then spread this message out to others throughout the world. "What you give out, shall come back to you!" 
The affirmations group was never meant to be a counseling service or a place where people could divulge all their deep, dark troubles in their lives here or be a "dumping ground" where one could tell anyone anything here and still get love and support back.  However, in some cases this is exactly what this group has become.  I am a very kind-hearted, loving, genuine person who deeply cares for others. I have been through a lot of "stuff" in my lifetime, and dealt with a lot of troubles myself, which has made me more emphathetic to others and what they are going through.  That is why I have tried so hard to reach out to everyone and lift people up with encouragement, hope and love.  But, it seems that when I have tried to help others, this group tends to become a "dumping ground" where a few people have been helped perhaps, but many others get discouraged by hearing the troubles and difficulties of people over and over. I myself, tend to get down after awhile of this pattern.  I feel that these changes are needed for the affirmations group to grow and blossom and to get back to its original roots and intentions. 
As of January 1st, 2006: if anyone wants to write in an email to the affirmations group to tell us of all the difficulties and troubles in your life, please go elsewhere to do this. Join a different yahoo group or seek out help in the 12-step programs (either in person or through the internet).  There are also groups on the web that deal with anxiety or depression, or chronic illnesses.  Please join those groups to be able to write in and share your woes.  But, please do not do that within the affirmations group. 
POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS TO DE-STRESS is the TOOLBOX that each of us has to learn ways to cope better and de-stress, ways to become more positive in our lives, and how to benefit from using positive affirmations and positive thinking.  This affirmations group is also where you can share your successes and stories of how you were, and how you became better! 
 * Now, I'm not asking every single person to never share that they are having a bad day, or a difficult week -- ALL of us need to vent occasionally. But, if we get on tirades of ONLY sharing the negative and the bad side of life, then we are detouring from our goal.  That is why I am asking to keep the negative talk to a very minimum, ...and to even TRY TO SEE SOME POSITIVE within the negative talk.  Reach out and try to discard the negative way of looking at things, and try to accentuate the positive and uplifting ways of hope and love and encouragement. *
  *** Briefly, new rules are: 1) When sending in a message to the POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS TO DE-STRESS yahoo group, please think over what you want to say before writing it in an email to the group. How will your message affect others, and what are you hoping to accomplish by sending in this email?
2) If you are just having a bad day, or a difficult time, try to think what you can learn from this experience and how you can turn "a venting email" into a positive affirmation or a more positive way of looking at things?
3) If all you want to do is express your disgust or frustration with life, please take that message elsewhere. [I for one, suffer from terrible rheumatoid arthritis pain year round. But, who wants to hear me moan and groan, or whine and complain every day about how bad I might feel?! So, I go elsewhere to express this (most of the time), and instead share more positive messages in the affirmations group. As you can imagine, this has taken some self-discipline and time for me to learn this lesson. I know that I have improved and my belly-aching has lessened in the affirmations group. This is just an example.]
4) Please share positive experiences, or personal stories of victory with the affirmations group! Let us hear how affirmations are helping your thought processes, and in successfully changing your life for the better! We love to hear motivating and inspiring stories! Sometimes, a picture can be worth a thousand words!
5) If any group members forget and write a long diatribe to the group about how unfair life is, or what a crummy time one is having, will be given one warning from the group moderators.
6) If a person does this a second time -- the forgetting and writing a long story or email about their life, ...the person will be put on a moderated status within the group. That means, you can write in a message to the group, but that it will be read by the moderators BEFORE it can be sent out to all the group members. This will take time, and be somewhat frustrating for the individual, as well as for the moderators.
7) Lastly, if the same behavior continues, ...the person will be asked to leave the affirmations group. Then, they will not have the benefit of positive affirmations & stories to listen to or read, and they may even lose a friendship that they may have with another group member. ***
Basically, those are the group rules, and I feel that they are fair. If they need to be revised in the future, all group members will be notified as to the changes.
Your humble owner/moderator of POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS TO DE-STRESS,
Love and hugs, PJ



A positive thinking, positive affirmations support group, discussing ways to cope with the stresses of daily life. Come aboard! PJ and Gang


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