Thursday, June 1, 2017

"Z" by Julie Marie Wade

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June 1, 2017


Julie Marie Wade

About This Poem


"The first poem I ever published was a meditation on the letter Y.  I'd been wanting to write about individual letters for some time, but it wasn't until I saw an exhibit of Harold Edgerton's images at a Pittsburgh gallery that I knew how I wanted my letter-poems to feel. Edgerton used strobe flash photography to capture balloons in the process of bursting, milk in the process of splashing, and perhaps most famously, a bullet slicing through a playing card. To my mind, he captured how a seemingly singular object or event—the balloon that burst, the milk that splashed—was many things at once, many textures and colors and motions—the way that words are to me, and letters, and sounds. Eventually, I hope to write a poem for every letter of the alphabet, but not being a big stickler for linearity, I decided to write 'Z' now."
—Julie Marie Wade


Julie Marie Wade is the author of SIX (Red Hen Press, 2016). She teaches at Florida International University and lives in Florida.

Poetry by Wade



(Red Hen Press, 2016) 

"Autumn Ritual with Hate Turned Sideways" by Brenda Hillman


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