Tuesday, August 8, 2017

"Rose of Jericho" by Cindy Veach

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August 8, 2017

Rose of Jericho

Cindy Veach

About This Poem


"The Rose of Jericho plant, also called resurrection plant, has spawned many religious legends and is considered a talisman for health, wealth, luck, and more. Consequently, this little plant carries a heavy load. I've always found it curious how humans yearn to know the future, wish for more than this and believe in miracles. In this poem the speaker confronts the plant and it confronts her. While she is amazed at its ability to transform itself, for her it only resurrects place-based memories. Still, she feels she owes it something and promises to care for it."
—Cindy Veach


Cindy Veach is the author of Gloved Against Blood, forthcoming from CavanKerry Press in November of 2017. She manages fundraising programs for nonprofit organizations and lives in Manchester, Massachusetts.

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