Tuesday, August 7, 2018

from "Transmitting the Vertical Immensity of Coniferous Light" by Michael Leong

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August 7, 2018

from Transmitting the Vertical Immensity of Coniferous Light

Michael Leong
Michael Leong reads from "from Transmitting the Vertical Immensity of Coniferous Light."

About This Poem


"'Jeong Seon's Album of Mount Geumgang' is the third section of my experimental ekphrastic sequence 'Transmitting the Vertical Immensity of Coniferous Light.' This sequence was commissioned for a reading at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in response to the exhibition Diamond Mountains: Travel and Nostalgia in Korean Art, which featured 'artwork from the eighteenth century to the present inspired by what may be the most famous and emotionally resonant site on the Korean peninsula.' The Diamond Mountains, also known as Mount Geumgang, are located in present-day North Korea and are largely inaccessible to contemporary visitors. These poems only draw on words found in the exhibition monograph Soyoung Lee's Diamond Mountains and mimic the book's structure from Daniel H. Weiss' 'Foreword' to the four art history essays by Lee, Lee Soomi, Chin-Sung Chang, and Ahn Daehoe that follow it. In remixing Lee Soomi's essay, which details how Jeong revolutionized Korean landscape painting in the late Joseon period, this poem pays tribute to the practices of both the artist and the art historian."
—Michael Leong


Michael Leong's most recent poetry collections are Words on Edge (Black Square Editions, 2018) and Who Unfolded My Origami Brain? (Fence Digital, 2017). He is an assistant professor of English at the University at Albany, SUNY. He lives in Albany, New York.

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