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ارائه فاکتور رسمی ، گواهی ارزش افزوده معتبر و کد اقتصادی از شرکت های معتبر و فعال به همراه گزارش فصلی آنلاین
برای سبقت از رقیبان کاری فرصت زیادی نیست!
tick.jpg ارائه و صدور فاکتور رسمی از شرکت واقعی و فعال با ثبت در اظهارنامه و گزارش فصلی
tick.jpg ارائه و فروش کد اقتصادی از شرکت واقعی و فعال و دارای آدرس و شماره تماس واقعی
tick.jpg ارائه و صدور پیش فاکتور رسمی از شرکت فعال
tick.jpg همراه با تسلیم و ارائه اظهارنامه و گزارش فصلی
همین حالا با ما تماس بگیرید
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ارائه فاکتور رسمی ، گواهی ارزش افزوده معتبر و کد اقتصادی‎‎

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[Fropki] Deaf Girl In One Ear Gets A Tattoo To Inform Strangers

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February 29, 2016

February 29

Jane Hirshfield

About This Poem


“Behind this poem, written February 29, 2012, was the death of a friend. I had, months before, brought her the present of a traditional bamboo-slat painted reproduction of a famous Chinese painting. She had commented, with her customary inhabitance of all things from the inside, how hard it is to paint a cow so well from the front. Her death was unexpected, and a letter from her I had not wanted to put away was still out on my kitchen table. My year’s extra day circled around it.”
—Jane Hirshfield


Jane Hirshfield is the author of The Beauty (Knopf, 2015) and Ten Windows: How Great Poems Transform the World (Knopf, 2015). She is a Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets and lives in San Francisco’s Bay Area.


Photo credit: Nick Rozsa 


Poetry by Hirshfield


The Beauty

(Knopf, 2015)

"Thanks" by W. S. Merwin


"Sediments of Santa Monica" by Brenda Hillman


"The Night Migrations" by Louise Glück




Launched during National Poetry Month in 2006, Poem-a-Day features new and previously unpublished poems by contemporary poets on weekdays and classic poems on weekends.


February 29 by Jane Hirshfield