Wednesday, January 31, 2018

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January 31, 2018

I Cannot Be Quiet an Hour

Mary Ruefle

About This Poem


"Regarding this poem, I have very little to say. I tend to forget my poems as soon as they are written, but I am very happy while writing them. I do love how things we saw many, many years ago can suddenly crop up in a poem we wrote yesterday, and that happened here. I was once in the house of a clock-repairer and asked him how he could sleep with all that ticking—there were hundreds of working clocks on the walls—and he told me he was so used to it he had no problem at all. Me, I bury my alarm clock every night, as I cannot bear to hear the ticking!"
—Mary Ruefle


Mary Ruefle's most recent book is My Private Property (Wave Books, 2016). She lives in Bennington, Vermont.




Photo credit: Michelle Eikenbary


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"I Cannot Be Quiet an Hour" by Mary Ruefle