Wednesday, May 31, 2017

سلام دوست عزیز

امکان ندارد که بتوانید با روزی سه ساعت کار ماهانه سه میلیون تومان درآمد داشته باشید. اما کافیست فقط ثبت نام کنید:
برای ثبت نام وارد سایت آینوتی شود و در فرم ثبت نام کد ملی معرف 1062868536 را وارد کنید.

با تشکر

سلام دوست عزیز

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Gorgeous Photos by Weerapong Chaipuck
Asia, besides being the biggest and most populated continent, is a place of beauty and mystery with breathtaking landscapes and ancient traditions. Photographer Weerapong Chaipuck knows exactly how to bring out the best of this land, and it's incredibly hard to believe he took up photography not long ago, following a medical career.
He attributes the beauty of his photos to timing. "When shooting landscapes, it is 100% natural, and pinpointing the exact time of day to shoot, whether that be 30 minutes before the sun begins to rise or 30 minutes before sunset, is a constant challenge. But that's also what makes it all worth it." He says.
I could look at these all day, the colors, the atmosphere, are simply magical.


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[Fropki] Gorgeous Photos by Weerapong Chaipuck

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May 31, 2017

Some Consequences of the Made Thing

Dan Beachy-Quick

About This Poem


"For a few years now, I've been studying ancient Greek, and one of the small discoveries that has felt of earthquake magnitude to me isn't only the well known etymology that the word for poet (poietes) means 'maker,' before it means 'poet,' and so makes of the poet one whose work fundamentally is building, but that the verb related to that noun, poieo, which in the active voice means 'I make,' has a different meaning in the middle voice. The middle voice, not present in English, might be thought of along Keatsian lines—it is when a verb's action is performed against itself, and so is active and passive at once, the doer and the done to. In the middle voice poieo means 'to consider.' So it may well be the poem is the thing that must be built in order to consider it, a space in which thinking cannot occur before the setting down of the lines, and so of feeling, too. This poem, one of a loose set of such, ponders the consequences of that possibility."
—Dan Beachy-Quick


Dan Beachy-Quick is the author of gentlessness (Tupelo Press, 2015). He directs and teaches in the MFA program at Colorado State University and lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Poetry by Beachy-Quick



(Tupelo Press, 2015) 

"My Philosophy of Life" by John Ashbery


"The Big Book of Therapy" by Bob Hicok


"Everyday Escapes" by Dean Young




Launched during National Poetry Month in 2006, Poem-a-Day features new and previously unpublished poems by contemporary poets on weekdays and classic poems on weekends. If you enjoy Poem-a-Day, please consider making a donation to help make it possible.


"Some Consequences of the Made Thing" by Dan Beachy-Quick