Friday, February 3, 2017

Mushrooming by Jeffrey Harrison

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February 3, 2017


Jeffrey Harrison

About This Poem


"This poem tries to enact the communal exhilaration of a day spent with new friends in the south of France. It felt as if we were a family for one day, and as the foreign visitors being taken on an expedition to a secret mushroom-gathering spot, my wife and I naturally took on the role of the children. I was recently reminded of Philip Larkin's idea of poems as acts of preservation, and I think I was moved to write this poem because I felt there was something special I wanted to hold on to. Like all poems, this one takes on its own shape, language, and metaphors that do not correspond exactly to the day, but hopefully help to preserve some part of it."
—Jeffrey Harrison


Jeffrey Harrison is the author of Into Daylight (Tupelo Press, 2014). He lives in Dover, Massachusetts.


Photo credit: Ale Vulcano

Poetry by Harrison


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