Friday, March 31, 2017

They Ate the Bulbs of Tulips by Mark Wagenaar

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March 31, 2017

They Ate the Bulbs of Tulips

Mark Wagenaar

About This Poem


"'They Ate the Bulbs of Tulips' casts its line between a speaker who is hearing a piece of familial history—a grandfather who hid in barns from the Nazis—and one of the more pressing problems of our time, the plight of Middle Eastern migrants who are fleeing war, at Christmas time. I hope the poem asks big questions of us—what is a just and merciful response to this crisis? What risks are we willing to take for the sake of the most vulnerable?"
—Mark Wagenaar


Mark Wagenaar is the author of The Body Distances (A Hundred Blackbirds Rising) (University of Massachusetts Press, 2016).  He teaches at Valparaiso University and lives in Valparaiso, Indiana.


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The Body Distances (A Hundred Blackbirds Rising)

(University of Massachusetts Press, 2016)

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