Saturday, April 1, 2017

[Fropki] Blackout Tattoos Are The Latest Trend in Singapore

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Blackout Tattoos Are The Latest Trend in Singapore
You know how it is. You go out. You have a few beers. You get drunk. You black out. You wake up with a giant tattoo of Pikachu on your back. We've all been there. Right? No? Oh.
Well, however you ended up with an unwanted tattoo, the fact is that lots of people have them, and lots of people want to get rid of them. Chester Lee of Oracle Tattoo Shop in Singapore knows this, and that's why he's come up with this unique and skillful alternative to laser removal which has earned him over 25k followers on Instagram.
Instead of removing the undesired ink, Chester adds more to cover the unwelcome pattern in order to create an extreme blackout effect. Some people are even using the technique to create black canvases for "negative" tattoos that then use white ink to make whole new beguiling patterns.


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