Monday, May 1, 2017

“Under the Stars" by Dorianne Laux

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May 1, 2017

Under the Stars

Dorianne Laux

About This Poem


"I was teaching a class in Provincetown when I got a phone call at 4 am. If we're old enough, we know the news is never good at that time in the morning. After I hung up there was nothing but the thick quiet of the trees. What's not in the poem is that I stepped out in my slip and picked up an old, three-legged chair that had been abandoned on the porch and threw it over the balcony where it shattered. That chair became the stars in the poem that I did look up to. It was the only thing I could do."
—Dorianne Laux


Dorianne Laux is the author of The Book of Men (W. W. Norton, 2011). She teaches at North Carolina State University and in Pacific University's low-residency MFA program and divides her time between Raleigh, North Carolina, and Richmond, California.


Photo credit: John Campbell 



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