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[Fropki] 8 Ways You Can Win Against The Sun This Summer

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The summers are in full swing, and we know how the heat can take a toll on you. With harsh sun-rays, sweat, and the sweltering heat, summer can get a bit frustrating. But you know what? It's also the perfect time to be out and about! Yes, we know the sun can be a huge issue during the day, but let's just not give up yet. Check out these 8 ways in which you can win against the sun this summer!

1. Keep covered with shades, scarves, or hats.

This is always rule number one in summer. You have to protect your head and your eyes in the harsh sunlight. But that doesn't mean it has to be boring. You can put on some fancy shades, some cool printed scarves, or stylish hats to keep your head and eyes covered. But of course this is not gonna be enough to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays, is it? 

2. Wear pastel shades in cotton, or other light colours like white and cream.

Avoid wearing fabrics and colours that tend to trap heat and make it a problem for you. It's always advisable to wear light coloured cottons so that they help you keep cool. If you're bored of the good, old whites and creams, there are lovely pastel shades to choose from. Maybe a soft mauve, baby pink or baby blue?

3. Use a good moisturizing lotion with sun protection like Vaseline SPF 24.

When it comes to stepping out in the sun, wearing a moisturiser with sun protection is a must. We're sure all womenfolk know this rule! It makes sense to use a moisturiser with a sun protection factor in it, so that it moisturises your skin and protects it from the sun at the same time. 

4. Hog on to seasonal fruits as much as you can!


Fill yourself up with the season's fresh fruits like watermelon and muskmelon. They taste awesome when they are chilled, they fill your stomach up and hydrate you at the same time. Best part? They have way fewer calories than canned fruits or fruit juices.

5. Keep sipping liquids throughout the day.

Proper hydration is key to surviving the sun's heat in summer. So make sure you have liquids throughout the day, especially lime water, fresh juices and coconut water, as they are super refreshing!

6. Apart from liquids, you can have other frozen refreshing treats.

While out in the sun, you can have popsicles, ice creams, frozen yogurt, and such frozen treats! You know, since drinking liquids all the time can make your stomach feel too full. More importantly, who doesn't like ice creams?

7. Splash your face with cold water to beat the heat.


Splashing your face with cold water, once you are indoors is a good way to cool yourself down and keep the summer dryness away. In fact, you can keep cold water in a spray bottle while you are out in the sun, and spray it on your face every once in a while to keep yourself cool in the sun.

8. Put on loose, short, and stylish clothes to keep yourself cool yet trendy!

Summer is the perfect time to flaunt your stylish wardrobe. Bring out those linen pants, hot pants, or those cool palazzo pants, which are loose, summer friendly, and stylish.

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