Friday, May 25, 2018

"My Love Is Black" by DéLana R. A. Dameron

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May 25, 2018

My Love Is Black

DéLana R. A. Dameron
DéLana R. A. Dameron reads "My Love is Black."

About This Poem


"I am thinking about the ways in which anti-black violence pervades the quotidian, the everyday. Grabbing a coffee. Checking your text messages. Asking for directions. For help. In Brooklyn, cops patrol the streets. For whose protection? Mine? For most of my life I have known, or understood, that to care for the well-being of another black body—even my own—is to be in a constant state of fearful dread of a violent death. Will it be today, tomorrow, walking to the grocery store, or just trying to make it home to a worrisome wife after working a twelve-hour graveyard shift?"
—DéLana R. A. Dameron


DéLana R. A. Dameron's most recent poetry collection is Weary Kingdom (University of South Carolina Press, 2017), a Palmetto Poetry Series book edited by Nikky Finney. Dameron is the founder and chief strategist for Red Olive Creative Consulting, a boutique firm whose focus is fundraising for arts and culture organizations. A native of Columbia, South Carolina, Dameron currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.


Photo credit: Rachel Eliza Griffiths

Poetry by Dameron


Weary Kingdom

(University of South Carolina Press, 2017)

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