Tuesday, June 12, 2018

"Poem in Which I Only Use Vowels" by Paola Capó-García

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June 12, 2018

Poem in Which I Only Use Vowels

Paola Capó-García
Paola Capó-García reads "Poem in Which I Only Use Vowels."

About This Poem


"I like writing list poems because I'm interested in insistence and association via language. I rarely plan my poems or start with notes, but I wanted to create a list of ideas for poems I would never actually end up writing—a list of scenarios that felt like familiar expectations of poems (e.g., flowers, prettiness, wisdom) and some that mapped out my own anxieties about poetry. I wanted a claustrophobic poem that also felt open and endless, where the speaker's identity could shift and shift and shift."
—Paola Capó-García


Paola Capó-García is a poet and translator from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her book Clap for Me That's Not Me, winner of the 2017 Black Box Poetry Prize, is forthcoming from Rescue Press this year. She is the cofounder and editor, with Maria Flaccavento, of littletell and lives in San Diego.

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