Tuesday, August 8, 2017

[Fropki] Algorithm That Scribbles Drawings Using A Single Line

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Algorithm That Scribbles Drawings Using A Single Line
In my free time, I develop algorithms that turn images into drawings. I say drawings because the results are always made with a single line or collection of lines of constant width that can also be drawn with a pen by a plotter. So in a way I try to follow great computational artist like Georg Nees and Frieder Nake that started to create artworks with plotters.
This style is one of my latest algorithms, it scribbles a drawing of any input image. The algorithm tries to understand the image and divides it into patches with different structures and tone similarities. While making the "drawing" the algorithm dynamically evaluates the image and adjust the drawing path according to the structures in the image (contours etc.) and the tone.
The result is a messy but adequate scribble.


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